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Hey everybody... I hate having to ask something like this but here it goes. I've been looking for Where Everybody Knows Your Name all over the place and can't find it. One store I went into promised me they'd order it, but my problem is that I can't really wait - I'm the editor of my school's newspaper and I'm supposed to write a CD review of it by Thursday.

I'm definitely, absolutely planning to buy it because I LOVE OWL like crazy, but until then, I was wondering if somebody who has the CD could send it to me via instant messenger or something just so I can get the (obviously wonderful) review written in the next couple days. My AIM is silence is 70mph.

Thank you so much!

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ok, no one has posted here in a while, so i will. i was just cast in the columbustate university production of closet madness. i start off the play in only my boxers!

theres some news for ya.

Just wow

Last night of course was amazing! I was starting to have withdrawls cause I hadn't seen OWL since Warped. I can't wait for the album. The two new songs were just awesome. Of course cause it is OWL. We got a bonus. Two new ones in one night. lol. I will have pictures up soon!
Oh, Inverted World.

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One Way Letter was again amazing tonight at Swayzes. I was very into the show, especially since the first band, Mean Girls, gets you all hyped up. If you missed it, you fucked up. Great show.
Oh, Inverted World.

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One Way Letter was kick ass tonight. It was a wonderful time. I hadn't seen them in the longest time. And Eric cut his hair! No no no. Oh well. Now you can see his awesome eyes more as Selena pointed out. But yeah. It was awesome. I just wish they had played longer.